Scholarship for Girls in Rural China

Girls in rural China are the neediest of the needy for educational support. Their parents are often semi-literate, and most are from poor farm families who do not have the economical means to send their children to schools. In 1997, OCAW raised fund to provide scholarships to 28 girls.

In the 1998 school year, the Tiger Woods Foundation joined OCAW in supporting 70 girls in the provinces of Gansu, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Guangxi to continue their 3 years of middle school education. Starting in the year 2000, with additional assistance from the Herman Lissner Foundation, OCAW are helping 84 girls in 8 provinces including Inner Mongolia. In 2002, this program was further strengthened by contributions from the McGroddy Family Foundation.
rgirl220.jpg (02-03 Junior High School Students)


girlletter220.jpg (A Letter from a Scholarship Recipient)