Since its inception in 1977 when Pauline Tsui and Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch had a cup of tea together at Julia’s house, and they were later joined by Jeanie Jew, a dream became a vision of three women who took different paths to achieve their goals. Julia pursued public service; Pauline organized a group of women together; and Jeanie conceived an idea to honor the contributions, concerns, and histories of Asian Pacific Americans. These building blocks have all made their journeys coming to successful ends. Julia became an Ambassador; Jeanie’s idea has become an annual event named the May Asian Pacific American Heritage Month;” and Pauline established the Organization of Chinese American Women (OCAW).

OCAW, a group of dedicated Chinese American women, including a number of prominent women who have served and are currently serving in the various administrations in the nation’s capital, has a tremendous amount of talent, imagination, and skills helping to find solutions to some of America’s problems and assisting our own communities in their many endeavors. The leadership and community service demonstrated by OCAW members are exemplary. Through good works and volunteerism they have given much and touched the lives of many.

Mission Statement

To advance and to advocate for the needs and concerns of Chinese and other Asian Pacific American women by helping to improve their educational, economic, social, and political opportunities, and by recognizing their excellence, leadership, and contributions to the quality of life.

OCAW is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization with headquarters in the Greater Washington, DC area. It is supported by membership dues, private donations, and public grants. Contributions to OCAW are fully tax-deductible. Membership is open to those who support the purposes of the organization. OCAW is not associated with any foreign government.

Contact Information

P O Box 3443
Oakton, VA 22124
E-Mail: ocawwomen@aol.com