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Anti-Asian Hate Rally

An Anti-Asian Hate Rally sponsored by the New Orleans Chinese Association was held on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 at the main entrance of the New Orleans Museum of Art in the New Orleans City Park.
Many local civic leaders and lawmakers as well as the Presidents of several local Asian associations were invited to speak to support solidarity with all citizens and to speak out against racism. OCAW New Orleans Chapter President Patricia Hew Ellzey was asked to make remarks as a 4th-generation Chinese American and in her capacity as President of the OCAW New Orleans Chapter to support this vital and important effort.
This rally was certainly a “First” for New Orleans!!

The theme of the rally was “Stop Asian Hate: We’re All In This Together: Call for Action!” 
Guest speakers included:
Cynthia Lee Sheng, Jefferson Parish President
Abigail Hu, Benjamin Franklin High School Senior and member of Asian Youth for Civic Engagement Dr. Wendy Jung, Tulane University Professor and Chair of the Asian Pacific American Society Patricia Hew Ellzey, President of the Organization of Chinese American Women New Orleans Chapter
Lauren Owen, local Asian businesswoman and community organizer Chrissy Changho Bruneau, Chair of the Asian Chamber of Commerce Dr. Susheng Wang, Associate Professor, Tulane University
Edgar Chase, former Vice President, Dillard University, and former Chair, Metropolitan Crime Commission
Dr. Tony Hu, Interim Professor, Tulane University Association of Chinese Professors
Dr. Hongbing Lu, President of the New Orleans Chinese Association
Pat Ellzey

The Masters of Ceremony were:
Dr. Jeffrey Kuo, M.D.
Dr. David Chen, M.D.
A large group of Asian Americans along with many of all ethnicities came and witnessed this very orderly and well-planned public protest.
The following is a link to a CBS TV video news report on the rally:

Patricia Hew Ellzey
The guest speakers and Masters of Ceremony Pat is the 3rd person from the left, seated, wearing a blue sweater.