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Chinese Presbyterian Church Anniversary Celebration

The Chinese Presbyterian Church in Kenner, LA, is the gathering place for many of the OCAW New Orleans Chapter events, and chapter members are active in other church activities. The church celebrated the 140th anniversary of its ministry on Sunday, November 20, 2022. Over a hundred individuals were in attendance.
Students and teachers from the local Academy of Chinese Studies sang and danced to music from ancient Chinese dynasties, and also performed Tibetan and Mongolian dances, all in costumes. Church members feel very blessed that the church has existed for so long.
The following is a link to a video that briefly tells of the church’s history:

Thank you!
On behalf of the Chinese Presbyterian Church which suffered extensive damage from hurricanes in 2021, Pat would like to express much gratitude for the generous contributions given to it to assist with the needed repairs and renovations.
Many thanks to the OCAW Hawaii Chapter; Queenie Chee, Secretary and Event Chair, OCAW Hawaii Chapter; and Janet Biermann, OCAW Maryland Chapter and former National Executive Director, for their donations. Pat is appreciative of their kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness.
She is happy to report that the church has been repaired and has been able to resume all of its activities for the local community, and that contributions helped it to once again host meaningful, charitable events such as the APAS Children’s Holiday Party discussed above.

The OCAW New Orleans Chapter joined with the Asian Pacific American Society (APAS) in organizing and hosting the annual APAS Children’s Holiday Party. It was held on Saturday, December 10, 2022, in the Fellowship Hall of the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Kenner, LA.
Pat Ellzey helped coordinate the event. Nellie Underwood, OCAW New Orleans Chapter Secretary, is OCAW’s representative to APAS, as well as APAS Secretary, and Nellie was principally involved in the party. Because of the COVID pandemic, this was the first time in three years that the function was held.
This was a free event for all children, and approximately 50 participated. Several different table games were played, various crafts were made, and stories were told. Lunch and drinks were provided, and anyone could talk to Santa Claus and take pictures with him. This occasion is always a fun time.

On to 2023

(from Pat Ellzey, President)
Recent events The New Orleans Chapter had been affected by the onset of COVID, and had not been able to meet during the pandemic, especially as some members live far away. However, with the virus abating, the chapter was finally able to meet upon two occasions recently. The more recent gathering featured Dr. Lihua Zhang, former chapter president, giving a talk and demonstration on stretching and health. graphic, mardi gras mask, mardi gras-4010805.jpg

OCAW 45th Anniversary Celebration – Thank you!
I know I speak for all of us out-of-towners when I say, “We appreciate all the work y’all did to make our gathering such a success!
Thank you to Christina Chang and all the committee very much for such a fun time at the celebration. Getting to meet and know our “sisters” and having such a good time together was a very happy and successful event.
We will have many good memories about our time together.
It was great for Steve Hom to share his talents. He and Karla surely filled our gathering with such wonderful music and entertainment. They were the “icing on the cake!” 
Also, if ever anyone visits New Orleans, please let me know so I can take you sightseeing and we can renew our “sisterhood relationship” and continue to have good times again.
Much aloha!

Anti-Asian Hate Rally

An Anti-Asian Hate Rally sponsored by the New Orleans Chinese Association was held on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 at the main entrance of the New Orleans Museum of Art in the New Orleans City Park.
Many local civic leaders and lawmakers as well as the Presidents of several local Asian associations were invited to speak to support solidarity with all citizens and to speak out against racism. OCAW New Orleans Chapter President Patricia Hew Ellzey was asked to make remarks as a 4th-generation Chinese American and in her capacity as President of the OCAW New Orleans Chapter to support this vital and important effort.
This rally was certainly a “First” for New Orleans!!

The theme of the rally was “Stop Asian Hate: We’re All In This Together: Call for Action!” 
Guest speakers included: Cynthia Lee Sheng, Jefferson Parish President; Abigail Hu, Benjamin Franklin High School Senior and member of Asian Youth for Civic Engagement; Dr. Wendy Jung, Tulane University Professor and Chair of the Asian Pacific American Society; Patricia Hew Ellzey, President of the Organization of Chinese American Women New Orleans Chapter; Lauren Owen, local Asian businesswoman and community organizer; Chrissy Changho Bruneau, Chair of the Asian Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Susheng Wang, Associate Professor, Tulane University; Edgar Chase, former Vice President, Dillard University, and former Chair, Metropolitan Crime Commission; Dr. Tony Hu, Interim Professor, Tulane University Association of Chinese Professors; and Dr. Hongbing Lu, President of the New Orleans Chinese Association.

The Masters of Ceremony were:
Dr. Jeffrey Kuo, M.D.
Dr. David Chen, M.D.
A large group of Asian Americans along with many of all ethnicities came and witnessed this very orderly and well-planned public protest.
The following is a link to a CBS TV video news report on the rally:

Patricia Hew Ellzey
The guest speakers and Masters of Ceremony Pat is the 3rd person from the left, seated, wearing a blue sweater.

Asian Heritage Festivals

The OCAW New Orleans Chapter participates in the annual Asian Heritage Festival, organized by the Asian Pacific American Society. It is held in the spring at the Audubon Park Zoo in New Orleans. The festival provides opportunities for local Asian American communities to work together to showcase aspects of their culture and customs for all to share.
The OCAW booth traditionally sponsors educational activities for young people. Examples have included making and playing the Chinese tangram puzzle game, and translating and writing names in Chinese calligraphy on Asian bookmarks. The projects aim to teach children about their Asian heritage, and encourage a sense of pride in their roots. Fortune cookies are given away.
The Festival also provides entertainment, and New Orleans Chapter members have performed Chinese and Mongolian dances to the delight of the audience.

Senior Citizen Community Support

Silver Liners

Members of the OCAW New Orleans Chapter, in conjunction with other individuals in the community, participate in a dance troupe called the “Silver Liners.” They are a group of line dancers who perform at New Orleans area senior living centers, nursing homes, and healthcare centers to bring some fun and joy into elderly residents’ lives. They adapt their dances to the music that was popular when the patients were young. Some residents will sing along. As the program progresses, the Silver Liners ask the staff and caretakers to join them in the dancing, and they encourage patients to do hand motions with them. For holidays, they adapt some of their songs to seasonal music, and they dress in holiday themes. They also spend time visiting with the residents.
The Silver Liners have been credited in the media with providing enjoyable times to the city’s senior population.