Local Chapter Boards

Hawaii Chapter

President: Roberta Wong Leung

Vice President: Rena Young Ochse

Secretary: Edwina S.H. Lee

Treasurer: Gladys Lee

click on link to go to chapter website: ocawhawaii.org

email: hawaii@ocawwomen.org

Maryland Chapter

President: Karina Hou

Secretary: Anny Lai

Treasurer: Christina Poy

New Orleans Chapter

President: Patricia Hew Ellzey

Vice President: Yuling Khorsandi

Treasurer: Nancy Chung

Silicon Valley Chapter

President: Anne Hu

Vice President: Michelle Huang

Secretary: Jen Tsao

Treasurer: Sophia Yang

click on link to go to chapter website: OCAW-SVC.org

email: siliconvalley@ocawwomen.org

Virginia Chapter

President: Veronica Li (acting)

Vice President: Alice Yee Way

Treasurer: Cathy Roberts