Mission Statement

To advance and to advocate for the needs and concerns of Chinese and other Asian Pacific American women by helping to improve their educational, economic, social, and political opportunities, and by recognizing their excellence, leadership, and contributions to the quality of life. Specifically, our goals are to:
  • Forge a consciousness and a group identity for Chinese American women.
  • Encourage the participation of Chinese American women in positions of leadership, civic responsibility, and community service.
  • Provide leadership development and training for Asian American women.
  • Promote equal rights and opportunities for Chinese American women at work, in the community, and at home.  Integrate Chinese immigrants into mainstream activities and programs by skills training and building bonds of common interest with others.
  • Share knowledge and experience, particularly those unique to the Chinese American, which can lead to personal enrichment, professional development, educational excellence, strengthened family values, and improved quality of life.
  • Foster a positive image of Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans.